The Temperament of Cats

Do cats suit you? To decide, you have to have an idea what to expect from a cat. You must be familiar with the temperament of cats.

First of all, a domestic cat is a very intelligent and fiercely independent creature. It can never be placed on a leash. Cats do things they want to do and when they want to do it. They will demand the things they want, like food and play. And they’ll also make it clear when they want us to leave them alone. So the owner of a cat can not wait for his pet to do “work” for him.

Different breeds of cats have different personalities. Some cats are quiet while others like to meow all the time. Can you tolerate a cat that meows almost every hour? Some cats are fussy and demanding about the food you give them while others eat just about anything. Can you afford the kind of food your cat prefers? Some cats don’t mind being surrounded and pampered by strange people while others will brandish their claws if they face a person they’ve never met before. Does your home accept many foreigners or are you alone most of the time? And some cats love to climb and curl up on their masters ‘ knees. But others prefer to be left alone, watch TV or listen to the radio. Do you own a cat who likes to caress all the time?

You will know when your cat is trying to draw your attention. He will continually meow at you or he will follow you everywhere or he will rub his body against your leg. You will also know if your cat is comfortable or frightened by lifting your cat. If the body is loose, then your cat is relaxed. If the body is tight, then something is shaking them out of it. Also, if the cat is frightened, it tends to spray making you to look for ways on how to stop cats from spraying.

Cats like to sleep. And the cat’s specific personality and race will determine where the cat chooses to sleep. Some people like to be in isolated places where no one can disturb them. They like to lie in high cupboards and other similar places. Other breeds of cats like to sleep in places where everyone converges. These cats like to be noticed. So they sleep in the center of the fireplace, in the middle of the staircase and even on the couch, especially when there are guests.

Cats like to sharpen their claws. It is their nature, similar to wild cats such as lions, tigers, Panthers and Cheetahs. This may irritate the owner, especially if the cat chooses to sharpen his claws on the couch. The owner may consider giving the cat a scratching. The cat can be taught to scratch his claws on this post.

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