Valentines Day: Single Doesn’t Mean Miserable

If you are like the millions of people worldwide that find themselves single on Valentines Day, then you’d be surprised to know that you are the majority. Couples can brag all they want about how the day of love is meant to honor their relationship, but they’re wrong. Valentines Day honors Saint Valentine, a man who went against roman rule and married young kids in love, honoring the start of a new love. So instead of staying at home and wishing for someone in your life next year, go out there!

Plenty of parks and bars have events aimed specially for single people to meet someone or just have a good time. Take some of your single friends with you and enjoy the night as you show everyone around you that Valentines Day is a day for single people to find love. Speed dating and singles only nights are fantastic events for anyone wanting to find someone new to spend their time with. Whether you find someone to spend the rest of your life with or someone to keep you warm at night, spending Valentine’s Day out and about is a perfect way to change the culture and show people that single doesn’t mean miserable.

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Valentines Day: Ideas for the Kids

Valentines Day is something that everybody should be able to enjoy, no matter how big or small. The day of love is a great opportunity to show kids just how precious something like love can be, and just how fun the February holiday can be. Kids love to get involved in the fun as early as Kindergarten, passing valentines for classmates filled with cool photos of superheroes or Barbie’s and small packages of candy.

Another fun idea that kids are sure to love is throwing a party where they can invite friends over and pass around Valentines, watch movies, and play games as they learn that Valentine’s Day is a day to enjoy being happy and being loved by others along with Valentines day party supplies and decorations. A plus side to having kids over is letting the parents of others have a nice day off and enjoy their night, making sure you’ll be a great new friend with a favor up your sleeve. Finally, having kids write letters to any family members or siblings with drawings and colors painted all over can make them feel included in part of fun. Kids love feeling like they can be involved in what everyone else is doing, and allowing them to enjoy Valentine’s Day can make sure it will be a holiday they look forward to.

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