Functionality of Speech Recognition Software?

We set out to find the Best Speech Recognition Software for interview transcription, we could for many reasons.

Imagine having spent the last 35 years using one hand to type with. That was me, and carpal tunnel was the furthest thing from My mind.

If you do not know what speech recognition software is, it is software designed to complement your voice through a microphone and I am using it now to write this with. You have several options in regards to creating documents, Excel spreadsheets, computer commands, and most text-style documents. The easiest way to explain this software is that it works by translating your voice, your speech, into a computer compatible program or application. This software is also Mac compatible.

Different speech patterns, and pronunciations, and accents, all make up for a variety of different word patterns. Speech recognition software makes sense out of those spoken words. It’s up to the user to make any edits or corrections to their documents.

Everything you used to do on the computer keyboard can now be done with the sound of your voice. For those people who have been forced to give up their time on the computer, speech recognition software gives them back those things that were taken away.

Not only will this serve the needs of people with special challenges, but it has proven to be especially helpful to business professionals, translators, interview transcriptionists, students, and home business marketers.

The software we chose and spent several days conducting research on is called Dragon speech recognition software, by Nuance. We have the latest version of Dragon naturally speaking 11, Premium Version.

One important feature that you want to do some research on, is your choice of headset. For me it was important that my headset allow me to be hands-free. This feature on a microphone operates in a nearly identical fashion as a cordless telephone or cell phone.

The advantages of being able to speak into a microphone from up to 33 feet away from the computer instead of being chained to a keyboard were huge for me. Prior to getting carpal tunnel, my typing speed exceeded 80 words per minute, with just one hand. Imagine my excitement at being able to speak into a microphone an additional 50 words per minute!

What used to take me hours to accomplish now takes half that time. Of all the applications I used in the past, I can still use them – 100%. This extends to my bookkeeping business, my cell phone, spreadsheets, and e-mail – All.

Dragon lets me go on the Internet, update my website, make posts to Facebook, and also allows me to integrate the use of my keyboard – if I want to stay in practice.

Once you create your profile, which will take approximately half an hour, you’ll spend some time learning the cues and training your software to recognize your speech and your speech patterns. With the excellent reference information and tutorials on Dragon your learning curve is shortened. My experience with this software has been a positive one.

With time I feel confident that the few words I have had to repeat for clarification will require little adjustment. That is why you are training your software. This is one program that learns from its errors.

If you can imagine what it feels like to get back something precious that you thought might be lost for good, then you know what I’m talking about.

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