Strummercamp Music Festival

After commemorating it’s 10th edition this year, organizers of Manchester’s Strummercamp have announced on their internet site, that the occasion will be taking a year out next year.

The claim reviews,

” Hey there everyone, thought I would certainly a lot better publish information regarding following year, I have actually consulted with a few of you however need to allow everyone understand- after thinking long and also hard I’ve made the extremely tough choice to have a rest year in 2016 for Strummercamp, for look forward with new ideas, brand-new input for 2017.

Besides personal reasons I simply think that after 10 excellent years it’s time for a break, I really want to get more people aboard with fresh suggestions etc. BUT, I will definitely be arranging a throughout the day get together/gig over the national holiday in May, and wish that a lot of you will make it. Looking at a couple of various locations for this currently however satisfied to consider any type of suggested suitable places anybody could suggest (believing possibly a big club with premises, not as well far from main Manchester, simple access.).

I’m hoping this will be an ideal way to maintain the spirit to life and share concepts, and begin preparing for the year after.

Honest apologies to any individual that may have made strategies, I know how much this weekend break means to a lot of you, hope you can recognize the requirement for a break. I’ll upload any updates on below As Soon As Possible. (p.s.; I want to give thanks to each and every single among you who added to increasing the money so efficiently, therefore swiftly to cover this years shortage- it was frustrating to say the least, can’t thanks sufficient).

Please discuss this to any individual who could require/ need to know, many thanks for the continued assistance.

Phil Fitzpatrick”.

Strummercamp is an except earnings venture provided organised and also staffed entirely by volunteers. It is not connected, connected or a subsidiary of any other organisation.

Align announced until now …

The Men They Could not Hang.
The Urban Voodoo Device.
The Wakes.
Louise Distras.
Electric River.
Ruts DC.

For Strummercamp Festival’s Magnificent Seventh year the line up is as follows:.

New Model Army.
Jim Jones Revue.
Dub Pistols.
The Charming Eggs.
V Thirteen.
The Rotten Hillside Gang.
Tornadic Ukulele.
Crazy Arm.
Stand Out Trouble.
Beat The Red Light.
China Store Bull.
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man.
Hated Til Proven.
Electric River.
Acid Decline.
Faintest Idea.
The Kirtz.
Just Strangers.
Raising Strike.
Go out The Guns.
Louise Distras.
Branstown Band.
Melodrica’s New Reed.
Smokey Bastard.
Ducking Punches.
Emma Hallows.
Pleased Saint.
Billy Phony.
12 Angry Males.
Troy Faid.
Seas of Mirth.
Matt Bentley.
Tim Holehouse.
Zoo Situation Theater.
plus a lot more to be announced …